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SAP Business ByDesign Review


Business ByDesign Strengths & Weaknesses

Competitive positioning in the ERP software market is highlighted with the following strengths and weaknesses.

SAP Business ByDesign Strengths

  • The Business ByDesign platform is the basis for SAP's cloud strategy; over time additional cloud solutions—such as Sales OnDemand or the Line of Business cloud solutions—may be added or plugged into the framework for expansion.
  • Business ByDesign is one of a few enterprise-wide SaaS ERP applications. The cloud system delivers fully integrated ERP and CRM functions designed to meet the objectives, requirements and budget constraints of its SME target market.
  • The Platform as a Service (PaaS) framework and cloud delivery may make system integration a little easier compared to the on-premise systems.
  • The SaaS ERP software is very modular and scalable; facilitating a phased implementation approach whereby customers may add new modules over time or as required.
  • Basic workflow design in broadly embedded throughout the application. There is generally more workflow flexibility and opportunity for business process automation than with on-premise ERP systems Business One or Business All-in-One.
  • Industry best practices are designed into pre-configured workflow processes and SAP offers a mature knowledge base of best practices by industry on its ecohub for partner and customer usage.
  • Some of the ByDesign add-ons from SAP are free for download from the SAP Cloud App Store.
  • While Business ByDesign partners are few, customers may be able to leverage the experience of longtime integration and implementation partners through the SAP partner ecosystem.
  • SaaS ERP pricing is competitive. Maintenance and support are included in the monthly subscription fee.
  • The ERP software supports ubiquitous browsers, mobile devices and tablets.

SAP Business ByDesign Weaknesses

  • Since its introduction of cloud business systems in 2006, the company has incurred product recalls, product terminations and numerous product delays. False starts, missteps, poor go-to-market execution and confusing messaging regarding a clear cloud strategy cause many to question the company's commitment and capabilities to SaaS and cloud delivery. SAP says it is "all in" when it comes to the cloud, but many remain skeptical.
  • SAP is moving forward, but playing catch up in the SaaS market, as smaller but more innovative vendors such as and large vendors such as Oracle have achieved early market gains and continue to acquire increased cloud market share.
  • While ByDesign does include some workflow automation, it is need of a real workflow engine in order to create and modify existing workflows—for example, to change processes, reduce the number of steps in a process, bypass required approvals, simplify processes or create new automation.
  • We have heard customer complaints of poor online performance. It is unclear to us whether such complaints stem from OLTP throughput, latency, the Microsoft Silverlight presentation layer or something other.
  • At this point the Business ByDesign ecosystem of integrated third party products and extensions is extremely limited. Most software add-ons created for on-premise versions do not work with SaaS ERP.
  • There are very few Business ByDesign-certified consulting partners, so finding trained and skilled local help for deployment, integration and customization may be difficult.
  • Many of the ERP software functionality weaknesses from the flagship on-premise applications have trickled down to the SaaS ERP application.
  • Business ByDesign subscription pricing is competitive, however, total cost of ownership may quickly rise if additional SAP or third party licenses are needed for add-on solutions.
  • With the exception of Professional Services Automation, a lack of industry-specific functionality or add-ons largely limits Business ByDesign to horizontal ERP deployments.
  • Limited data center locations, lack of service availability online monitors and poor Service Level Agreements position Business ByDesign hosting behind more cloud-savvy competitors.
  • The SaaS ERP is not as widely available as the on-premise solution, and today only available in Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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SAP Business ByDesign Review



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