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Enterprise Resource Planning software systems vary in strength and competitiveness by target market, company size, industry and geography among other factors. Even when ERP systems offer the same features sets, they don't offer them equally well. Thorough review and evaluation is required to align a company's most important business objectives with the best fit ERP system. Here we evaluate ERP systems along common criteria which are generally at or near the top of most ERP software buyers decision making list. All ERP software reviews are performed by independent, expert analysts. SFA Software

ERP System Reviews
Proper ERP software selections are the precursor to successful implementation and production. Fail the software selection and you are likely to incur a downstream chain of technology difficulties, business process gaps, cultural problems and challenged user adoption. Fortunately, success is more science than art. Independent ERP software reviews aid the science to achieve selection success.

ERP Reviews

4 stars
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations ERP Review
Dynamics 365 Review The Dynamics 365 Operations ERP software has evolved to become an ERP leader in the mid-market and a strong contender in the enterprise market. The newest Microsoft release delivers ERP in the cloud and steps up the user experience. This independent Microsoft 365 ERP review examines the most strategic advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft's top ERP software.
4 stars
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials Versus Operations
Dynamics 365 Finance vs Operations Microsoft's launch of Dynamics 365 is long on marketing hyperbole, but short on specifics. This Microsoft ERP software review compares Microsoft's top two ERP software solutions — Dynamics 365 Financials and Dynamics 365 Operations. Each ERP solution is compared, contrasted and ranked among 16 key evaluation criteria.
4 stars
Microsoft Dynamics AX Review—The Chosen One
Microsoft Dynamics Review Dynamics AX has emerged in a way that many insiders believe it is the chosen flagship ERP product among Microsoft's ERP solutions. In this Dynamics AX software review, we examine the functional areas, software technology, integration and customization capabilities, cloud capabilities and compile a list of competitive strengths and weaknesses.
4 stars
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Review—A European Favorite
Microsoft Dynamics Review Microsoft NAV is a broad ERP suite that combines financial, distribution and light manufacturing software, along with unique capabilities for Service Management, integration to Dynamics CRM and a rich third party eco-system of add-on solutions. The ERP software product is targeted at the Small and Midsize Business market and has particular geo strength in Europe.
4.5 stars
SAP Business ByDesign Review—The German Giants Foray to the Cloud
SAP Business ByDesign Review Despite early stumbles and being a latecomer to the SaaS industry, the SAP brand carries considerable weight and Business ByDesign should be included in most SaaS ERP software evaluations. ByDesign has become the SAP cloud framework—so in this ERP review we examine the product capabilities along with a deep technology evaluation.
2.5 stars
SAP BusinessOne in the Cloud
SAP BusinessOne Business One OnDemand is an ERP suite — with Finance & Accounting, Distribution & Inventory management, and Sales & Procurement — targeted to businesses at the smaller end of the SMB range (generally less than 50 users) and available as a SaaS ERP solution. Here's a quick ERP review of SAPs newest SaaS ERP software solution.
4 stars
Intacct Accounting Software Review—Best of Breed Finance & Accounting
Intacct Intacct is a best of breed SaaS accounting software system—and a recognized life-after-Quickbooks solution. The cloud accounting software feature sets are deep and mature, the system is logically organized around efficient back office business processes and the software supports compliance and governance policies. Now we advance beyond the highlights to drill down and examine this solution.



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