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ERP software applications act as the central company-wide information system— integrating departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a single, shared, unified and enterprise-wide information system. ERP software morphs five types of business applications, including accounting, manufacturing, supply chain management, HR & payroll, and CRM—in order to automate enterprise-wide business processes, decrease cycle times and deliver real-time reporting. ERPsearch.com delivers objective news, views, lessons learned and independent ERP software reviews for a focused community. ERP Software


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Featured Articles

4 stars
Governance Best Practices to Improve ERP Success
Governance Software Gartner advised that about 75 percent of all ERP software implementation projects fail to achieve their objectives. The reasons for failed ERP deployments are many and varied but one thing they have in common is failed governance. Here are four governance best practices to ensure your ERP implementation is successful and achieves its goals.
4 stars
Best Practices in ERP Software Selection
Best Practices in ERP Software Selection ERP software selection often first begins by determining whether to upgrade the existing ERP system with a few web-based face-lifts or add-ons, or buy new enterprise software and start over. Here are some ERP software selection best practices to aid this first decision as well as guide your ERP evaluation based on what’s worked for so many others.
3.5 stars
Best Practices in ERP Software Implementation
Best Practices in ERP Software Implementation ERP software failures are notorious, but fortunately much has been learned over many years. Veteran consultants recognize that ERP implementations can be mapped out into a series of best practices to achieve predictable success, as well as keep the project on scope, on budget and on time. This report shares the best practices in ERP implementations.
3 stars
Best Practices in ERP Software Optimization
ERP Optimization ERP software is clearly not a set-it-and-forget-it business application. A top cited reason for poor ERP software ROI is lack of continuous improvement. Too many software adopters do not adequately plan for how they will manage the evolution of the technology after the initial go-live. Here's the strategy and methods to optimize your ERP software and get more payback from your software investment.
3.5 stars
Managing Change in an ERP Implementation
ERP Change Management An ERP software implementation means change. And change, inevitably, means resistance because people are resistant to change. The lack of a change management plan, or under-appreciation of the change management process, has been attributed to many a failed ERP implementations. Here we review and recommend proven strategies to proactively manage change.
3 stars
Advice in Choosing the Best ERP Software
ERP Software Selection Since Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software pumps the heart of a company's life-blood, it's vital that businesses expend the necessary time and resources to ensure they select the best-suited product and technology partner to implement and support their investment. We identify several ERP software selection critical components.
3.5 stars
Getting the Most Out of ERP Software Demonstrations
ERP demos

Effective ERP software demos give you the vital information to compare and contrast different ERP systems and help you make the best selection. Ineffective demo turn into cheerleading exercises for the vendor's product, nearly devoid of useful information. This article identifies the steps to maximize your ERP demo success, and ultimately your ERP software selection decision.

Special Report  New Financial Software Selection Best Practices
Simply weighing features, functionalities and even costs in a financial software evaluation is the wrong approach to selecting a finance or accounting software system that will deliver the most strategic objectives and compelling ROI. Here are some best practices and proven steps that will bring structure and predictability to the process, reduce risk and ultimately identify the most important information to make the most informed decision. Read the report ... Financial Software Selection Best Practices





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