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The evolving needs of HR systems can make success feel like a moving target. As companies mature, they require more HR software flexibility, process automation, integration, customization and information reporting. Experienced community members have discovered processes that have proven to be effective and successful; learning lessons, reducing risk, and creating best practices along the way. This HR system channel gathers and shares those lessons. HR Software


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HR Software Reviews

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4 stars
SAP HR Software Review
SAP HR Software Review SAP is one of a few market share leaders in the HR, HCM and payroll software industry. However, with the rise of Workday, gains by Oracle and several HR best of breed solutions that leadership is more at risk now than at any time in the last decade. This independent SAP HR software review goes in depth to assess SAP HR competitive strengths, weaknesses, limitations and costs.
3.5 stars
Oracle Fusion HCM Software Review
Oracle HR Evaluation Oracle manages a portfolio of enterprise software applications which include the E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and the company's newest flagship product - Oracle Fusion. In this Oracle HR software review we examine the Oracle Fusion HCM application and identify where this product best fits, and where HR software buyers should consider alternative solutions.

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3.5 stars
HR Software Best Practices
HR Software Best Practices HR software applications are providing powerful tools such as simplified integration with other business systems, business process automation, business intelligence and more in order to aid HR best practices and HR professionals objectives to improve employee services, decrease operational costs and elevate Human Resources strategic contribution to the company.
3.5 stars
HRIS Selection Advice
HRIS Selection Selecting the best HRIS is a long term commitment, and thereby includes risk. Choosing the wrong HRIS will damage credibility with employees, challenge the HR department's ability to do more with less, and impede achieving an ROI on a big investment. To aid your HRIS selection success, here are several critical success factors, industry research data points and HR software best practices.
3.5 stars
HR Technology and Strategy Alignment
HR Technology Strategy The decision to purchase new HR software offers one of those rare opportunities for the HR manager to step back from the flurry of daily activity and align or realign HR goals with those of the company. Here’s the two-step approach that’s needed to create a successful HR technology strategy, and align it with the company’s business strategy.
3 stars
HR Software Grows with Company Evolution
HR Software Grows Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources software are seeing increased adoption by larger companies, and even smaller businesses that are turning to cloud HR solutions. Irrespective of company size or deployment model, companies are adopting HR software to better automate employee processes, reduce HR cycle times and deliver more analytics to decision makers.

HR Software White Papers
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4 stars
7 Software Solutions to Boost Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement Employee engagement directly correlates with staff productivity, employee retention and business performance. However, on average, only one-fourth of employees are engaged, and achieving lasting engagement remains elusive for most employers. Here are 7 strategies and software solutions that can help achieve and sustain employee engagement.
3.5 stars
HRMS Selection—A Proven Framework & Critical Success Factors
HRMS Selection The primary roles of a good HRMS solution are to serve employees and reduce costs to the company. While these goals are universally understood, and often mandated by management, the process of selecting a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) can be daunting. This HR software white paper delivers a solid HRMS selection framework with the most salient critical success factors.


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