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Infor Lawson HCM and Payroll Technology Review

The Infor Lawson payroll system, as part of a broader HCM software suite, takes an agnostic approach with regard to databases and operating systems. The HCM application supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2 databases, and several operating systems can be deployed on-premises or as a managed or hosted solution. The Lawson drive to stay at the front edge of technology trends has led to the development and use of open, standards-based (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, XML, SOAP and Java) software and despite the fact that some of the company’s technology is outdated – such as the still COBOL-based S3 line - the current platform (Lawson System Foundation) adds IBM middleware to that technology to produce an HCM system that preserves hardware platform choice and offers a solid base for next-generation Lawson systems.

The company's latest technology environment is Lawson Landmark. Using Java-based code, Landmark offers a backbone of J2EE-compliant Web services for SOAs running on industry-standard platforms, such as IBM WebSphere. This platform environment enables the company to more rapidly develop new services – not least due to its support for key standards such as WSDL, XML, and SOAP - without prolonged development periods. At the same time, Landmark will be an enabler for those customers wishing to include Lawson software and components into new composite systems.

System Integration Capabilities

For system integration purposes, the Infor Lawson Process Flow Integrator is available as part of both the S3 and M3 Enterprise Management Systems, permitting customers to automate manual processes and create their own workflow definitions. What’s more, with the graphical user interface (including drag and drop navigation) the Process Flow Designer provides easy modification of business processes without scripting, custom coding or familiarity with proprietary programming languages. With IBM’s WebSphere Transformation Extender, the Process Flow Integrator simplifies integration of Lawson software with third party and legacy systems by effectively unlocking the data from its resident location and facilitating its use by other applications.

Software Customization Capabilities

When it comes to software customization of the Lawson HCM and payroll system, the application offers a number of tools.

  • For users wishing to customize their desktop, Smart Office permits the personalization of individual workspaces by combining Microsoft Office tools with workflow, Business Intelligence and applications.
  • Taking personalization a step further, the Mashup Designer permits the combination of business application screens with external content to structure process-oriented views. Again, this point-and-click tool can do its job without programming skills or technical resources.
  • HCM application data from disparate sources can be mixed to create new applications, such as forms, list views, visualizations, process flow triggers, user interface components, reports and web applications.
  • For software customization ease, Lawson also provides industry-specific QuickStep solutions, which are pre-configured setups designed to comply with best practices by industry and generally more suitable for companies needing little in the way of bespoke development.

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Infor Lawson Review


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