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RedPrairie Software Review

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RedPrairie Software Best Fit and Alternative Solutions

Warehouse Management Sweet Spot
Short list RedPrairie when you have the following Warehouse Management software needs:

  • Large complex and highly automated 24 by 7 operations requiring real time interfaces to warehouse automation technologies such as MHE and AS/RS
  • Flow through distribution centers or cross dock facilities driven by ASNs, inbound appointments, and manifesting outbound truck loads
  • Large business to business fulfillment centers and distributors driven by allocations for both inbound shipments and large reserve stock inventories
  • High volume direct to consumer fulfillment centers with active pick inventory, hot and lean replenishment, unit sorting and packing, and outbound parcel manifesting and shipments
  • Large retail chains looking to save on transportation, handling and administrative costs with regional distribution supply chain models
  • High volume inbound and outbound operations with multiple dock doors, requiring 1 to 2 hours turn around per trailer

TLM Sweet Spot
RedPrairie ideal customers often share the following TLM characteristics:

  • U.S. shippers with multimodal planning, execution, tracking and settlement transportation needs
  • Asset-based, private/dedicated fleet routing and scheduling
  • Multicarrier high volume parcel manifesting
  • RedPrairie's clients already using or planning on using WM with complex transportation needs
  • Companies with high volume multi-leg LTL and TL procurement, routing and load optimization needs, across private and contracted fleets
  • Companies looking for single integrated transportation solutions from procurement to delivery

Alternative Solutions
IT buyers may be best advised to consider alternative supply chain software products when:

  • For comparable Warehouse Management software features, capabilities and best of breed approaches, consider Manhattan Associates' WMoS, Soften, Tecsys, HighJump, Accellos and Sterling Commerce.
  • For smaller, less complex WMS needs, Warehouse Management is costly and complex to implement and support. Alternatively, consider RedPrairie's On Demand WMS, Manhattan's WMi and SCALE, or WMS solutions that are geared towards your industry or niche requirements.
  • If your global needs take you to Europe, consider Oracle's OTM and JDA's i2 as an alternative TLM.
  • If you are using SAP or Oracle ERP solutions, their WMS and TMS solutions may be a better fit when considering integration, consistency and total cost of ownership. Both are mature products that continue to evolve.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to best of breed supply chain software solutions, RedPrairie is in the best of the best class for large, complex and sophisticated supply chain execution needs.

RedPrairie has gone through multiple ownerships and has considered going public in the past. The current owner, Mountain Capital is a private equity firm, and is pushing a growth strategy based on acquiring other software vendors in the supply chain execution and retail supply chain planning space. It would be reasonable to assume that the strategy is to make gains in the retail supply chain planning space, while maintaining their dominance in supply chain execution, and then divest the company for a financial gain and to a non-equity holder with more strategic industry interests. The future is uncertain, but history provides a guide and the current ownership interests are clear. Additional changes in company ownership will inevitably bring (both favorable and unfavorable) change to employees and customers, so prospects and customers are advised to consider such changes and craft their licensing, services and planning accordingly.

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RedPrairie Software Review



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