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RedPrairie Supply Chain Software Products

RedPrairie Product Lines

Customer Segment Sales Distribution Product
Process & Performance Midmarket to Enterprise Largely
Platform of tools for business process workflow, system integration and event management.
Workforce Management Midmarket to Enterprise Largely
Time & attendance, scheduling, execution management and learning management.
Inventory Management Midmarket to Enterprise Largely
On-Demand WMS, store inventory, retail financial, manufacturing execution and flowcasting
Transportation Management Midmarket to Enterprise Largely
Key functions include web-based collaboration, fleet management and parcel shipments

RedPrairie Software Application Suites

RedPrairie segments the company's supply chain software solutions into four categories.

Process and Performance Solutions integrate the company's inventory, workforce and transportation productivity suites on a common architecture and communications foundation that supports configuration and integration of business process workflows. The platform also integrates, consolidates and transforms data from extended supply chains and retail operations into useful business intelligence. The visual nature of the tools and the enterprise-wide integration aids some of the more difficult business processes such as product recalls, merchandise returns, available-to-promise execution, manufacturing quality control, promotions and new product launches.

Workforce Management consists of a set of software tools to support executive managers, frontline supervisors, store managers and staff workers across manufacturing, distribution, transportation and retail operations. The tools define the work required through engineered standards and optimal methods for performing each task as efficiently and safely as possible. Then using demand-based forecasts, staff are scheduled, tasks are assigned, performance is measured, feedback is provided and incentives are computed and paid. With built in learning management, online training and supervisor-based coaching are delivered to workers to achieve required levels of proficiency. The software suite provides a comprehensive approach to make the workforce as productive, reduce labor costs and improve customer service.

Inventory Management is less about storage and more about the movement of goods—flow-through, cross-docking, just-in-time, eliminating out-of-stocks and more. RedPrairie Inventory Management software delivers strong visibility and control at each stage of the process – across channels, locations, geographies and suppliers. With integrated supply chain systems and visibility, customers can sense demand at a store level and calculate inventory quantities and timing up through the supply chain to reduce forecast error and safety stock. These capabilities reduce cost, waste and stock-outs.

Transportation Management software is designed to streamline transportation operations, reduce costs, comply with international shipping regulations, and provide greater visibility and control over the entire transportation process. Increasing the efficiency of private fleets is paramount with the constantly rising costs of equipment, fuel and labor. RedPrairie Transportation Management applies software automation to transportation processes, from procurement to settlement, from parcel to truckload shipments, and from local to global delivery.


RedPrairie Software


About RedPrairie
RedPrairie is a privately-held supply chain, workforce and all-channel commerce software provider headquartered in Alpharetta, GA. The company's solutions help ensure visibility and collaboration between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers at over 60,000 customer sites in more than 50 countries.





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