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RedPrairie Software Strengths and Weaknesses

Given RedPrairie's rich history in developing supply chain execution systems, and their commitment to advancing their market leading warehouse and transportation systems, their supply chain products deserve careful consideration by business and IT buyers. Having a robust SOA foundation increases flexibility, enhances customers' deployment options and reduces implementation costs. RedPrairie is one the few vendors pushing the supply chain execution envelope. With a comprehensive set of established best practice features already built into their products, the company can focus on the new evolving practices in supply chain execution.

Gartner ranks RedPrairie's Warehouse Management software as one of the top two Warehouse Management System products in the market, with Manhattan Associates WMoS being the other. RedPrairie's Transportation Management is not far behind in the Gartner rankings, matching many of the features and functionality of the top tier transportation systems; but RedPrairie still needs more depth in the features and a larger global customer base to make it to the best of the best status. Additional components, such as WFM and Performance Management, are available.

If supply chain execution is RedPrairie's strength, its weakness is supply chain planning. Being largely U.S. market focused until recently, the company is playing catch-up for market share in the global TMS space. Because of a strategic strategy to grow through acquisitions, they have the challenges of overlapping products and dealing with multiple technology stacks.

RedPrairie Warehouse Management Systems Strengths

RedPrairie is one of two clearly established leaders in the Warehouse Management Software space. They continue to move the bar for WMS solutions in terms of technology, product breadth and customer benefits.

  • Interfacing RedPrairie's Warehouse Management to warehouse automation technologies is largely done with configuration settings and the RedPrairie's Integrator (EAI system). Without code changes, WM interfaces with material handling equipment (MHE), sort directors, put to light equipment, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and all forms of auto identification methods.
  • RedPrairie's WM is ideal for high volume 24 by 7 operations.
  • RedPrairie's SOA platform streamlines new WMS deployments and simplifies the introduction of new applications that need to share events and information with WMS.
  • RedPrairie's WM is not only full featured, covering warehouse management best practices, it is also visionary, pushing frontiers in WMS best practices.

RedPrairie's WMS is widely used in moderate to highly complex operations for retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Applications include distribution centers, fulfillment centers and standard warehousing operations.

RedPrairie Transportation Management System Strengths

RedPrairie continues to expand the scope of its Transportation Management Software offerings, their customer base and their presence in the global market. RedPrairie is now assertively selling in Asia and has some notable European-based customers. They have added international capabilities that include European geography, multiple units of measure, multiple currencies and multiple languages.

  • The core multimodal TMS product covers the primary functions of planning, execution, tracking and settlement; addressing relatively complex requirements.
  • RedPrairie offers competitive solutions in three transportation domains: multimodal planning, execution, tracking and settlement; asset/dedicated fleet routing and scheduling; and multicarrier parcel manifesting.
  • With RedPrairie's breadth of leading edge software products that tightly integrate with their TMS offering, they are well positioned as one of the handful of leaders in fully integrated supply chain execution convergence.

RedPrairie Warehouse Management Systems Weaknesses

As one of the top two Warehouse Management System solutions, RedPrairie's material weaknesses are few. There are some considerations that justify a second look before committing to RedPrairie's WMS:

  • RedPrairie's growth has been in large part through acquisition which has resulted in multiple WMS products with different technology stacks. A big challenge is consolidating their products, among different technologies and different deployment models, such as supply chain products for a on premise installations that meet the needs for large complex warehouse operations, and thin-client or cloud products for customers looking for a low cost SaaS solution. These are significant challenges that should not be underestimated by RedPrairie or its customers.
  • RedPrairie sells to customers across multiple industries; but their primary strategy focuses on retail and consumer goods.
  • As with any large complex supply chain system, WMS requires a large and sophisticated IT support team from multiple disciplines.

RedPrairie Transportation Management System Weaknesses

RedPrairie has recently sold their TM product to some notable new customers; but, still lacks the momentum and market presence of its WM sibling. RedPrairie has not yet established a top tier position in the Transportation Management Systems market.

  • RedPrairie's core TMS is just becoming more global, and it still trails the leading solutions in terms of scope of deployment (variety and number of countries supported, etc.) and depth of international logistics support.
  • While RedPrairie's TMS has very strong features that address North American shippers, it is partnering with several third-party vendors to fill the requirements gap for their global clients.
  • RedPrairie's core TMS does not have a SaaS-based option. To address the needs of customers looking for a lower cost Software as a Service offering, they more recently acquired Shipper's Commonwealth.

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