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The top 10 Supply Chain Management software vendors account for about half of the total market. However, supply chain systems are complex and differentiate greatly by focus and capabilities in distribution areas such as Supply Chain Execution (SCE), Supply Chain Planning (SCP), Warehouse Management and Transportation Management among others. This Supply Chain Management software channel evaluates and compares supply chain software solutions, and aligns software capabilities with key business strategies such as reducing waste, lead times, and delivery and cash flow cycles—while optimizing the flow of goods. Supply Chain Management Software

Supply Chain Management Systems
Proper CRM software selections are the precursor to successful implementation and production. Fail the software selection and you are likely to incur a downstream chain of technology difficulties, cultural problems and failed customer facing business processes. Fortunately, success is more science than art. This channel is focused on the science to achieve software selection success.

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4 stars
Manhattan Associates Software Review
Manhattan Associates Review Manhattan Associates is a clear enterprise software leader in supply chain execution with strong offerings in Warehouse Management Systems and Transportation Management systems. In this Manhattan software review, we apply a deep dive examination to assess competitive strengths, weaknesses and costs of the supply chain leading solution.
4 stars
RedPrairie Supply Chain Software Review
RedPrairie Software Review RedPrairie is supply chain software leader, and a strong challenger to Manhattan Associates, particularly in the areas of warehouse management systems and transportation management systems. In this supply chain software review, we flush out areas of distinction, strengths, weaknesses, best customer fit and alternative products to consider.

Featured Supply Chain Management Articles
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4 stars
Five Trends in Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software
Supply Chain Software Trends Until recently, Supply Chain Management software dealt with execution efficiencies in the areas of procurement, inventory management and logistics. However, as SCM becomes increasingly strategic, the focus moves to demand driven, dynamically synchronized, global and more collaborative supply chain applications.
3 stars
Supply Chain Software Pain Points and How to Avoid Them
Supply Chain Pain Implementing a supply chain management system is no easy task and in the words of many "involves a lot of pain." However, following some best practices and learning from the experiences of others can go a long way in mitigating the risks and downside effects. This article points out some of the most strategic steps to avoid the downside repercussions when implementing SCM software.
3 stars
Strengths & Weaknesses of Open Source Supply Chain Management Systems
Open Source Supply Chain Software Open source supply chain software isn't yet seeing the market growth of open source CRM systems, or the new market adoption of open source ERP applications, but is clearly increasing in presence and getting strong interest from cost savvy IT and business buyers. Here we consider the strengths and weaknesses of open source SCM software solutions.
3.5 stars
Supply Chain Industry Year-End Review
Supply Chain Industry Year Review The supply chain management industry, along with the supply chain software market, continued several themes from prior years. Advances in supply chain application development are delivering a transformative impact in the areas of convergence, collaboration and visibility. Here's a look at the business trends and technology advancements in the supply chain industry over the last 12 months.


Supply Chain Management Software White Paper
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3.5 stars
An Executive's Guide to Supply Chain Management Software
Supply Chain Software White Paper This Supply Chain Management software White Paper delivers what business executives need to know when selecting, implementing and operating SCM software, including research points and best practices related to supply chain software selection and implementation as well as independent product reviews for each of the top supply chain software vendors.


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